Wario Land II
North American box art (Game Boy Color)
Developer(s) Nintendo R&D1
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy, Game Boy Color
Release date Game Boy
Flag of USA March 1998
Flag of Europe March 26, 1998
Game Boy Color
Flag of Japan October 21, 1998
Flag of USA February 10, 1999
Flag of Europe February 25, 1999
Genre 2D Platformer
Rating(s) ESRB: Everyone (E)
Mode(s) Single Player
Media 8-megabit cartridge (Game Boy version)
16-megabit cartridge (Game Boy Color version)

Wario Land II, known in Japan as Wario Land 2: Nusumareta Zaihō (ワリオランド2 盗まれた財宝, lit. "Wario Land 2: The Stolen Treasure"), is a game by Nintendo that was released in North America and Europe for the Game Boy in March 1998. Counting Virtual Boy Wario Land, it is the third installment of the Wario Land series. It is a 2D platformer starring Wario, the greedy treasure hunter, who was also the protagonist of the series' first game Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. While the game was originally released for the original Game Boy model outside of Japan, the Game Boy Color version was released in Japan seven months later in October 1998, featuring colored sprites and backgrounds. The remade version came out later in North America and Europe as well. A successor to the game was produced and released in 2000, namely Wario Land 3, which adapted most of this game's gameplay mechanics.


“Aaargh! I can't believe that Captain Syrup and the Black Sugar Gang have stolen my treasures! I am one angry Wario! I'm going to get my treasures back if it's the last thing I do!”
Wario, Wario Land II


The story begins at the castle that Wario received from Denpuu during the previous game. There he lies at his bed, taking a deep nap. However, three shadowy figures approach the castle from outside. They are Spear Guys, loyal minions of Captain Syrup and members of the Black Sugar Gang. The pirates infiltrate the building and steal Wario's treasures, which he collected during his earlier adventures. To distract Wario and prevent him from chasing them, the pirates cause havoc in the castle by turning on a giant faucet, abandoning a vicious snake in his cellar, and installing an oversized alarm clock. After this, the pirates escape and leave Wario in the mess they caused. Wario eventually wakes up by the alarm clocks's commotion and sets off to pursue the thieves, but not before rectifying the state of things in his home.

During his pursuit of the pirates, Wario learns that the fleeing bandids have scared his pet chicken Hen away, so he ditches his quest for a brief moment to rescue his beloved pet. He resumes the pursuit after Hen is safe again. Wario manages to get to the pirate's ship before they can set off. He drops the anchor, so the ship is forced to halt, but is then stopped by the ship guard Bobo, who delays his progress so the pirates can escape via a hot-air balloon. Wario chases them through the overgrown jungle of Maze Woods and a city with an unknown name.

File:WL2 S 5-0.PNG

Wario eventually arrives at Syrup Castle, the hideout of the mischievous pirate gang. Horrified that the pirates managed to return to their fortress, he continues his pursuit and breaks in the building. After battling many of the pirate grunts and four Elite Dangerous Ducks, Wario confronts the pirate leader herself in combat. After defeating Captain Syrup and demolishing her aircraft, Wario blasts the pirates out of their fortress, reclaims his treasures and returns home to resume his nap.

In the final chapter, which features a mode called Time Attack, Wario returns to Syrup Castle and proceeds to a mountain range somewhere near the building. There he discovers a secret cave in which the pirates store their treasures. In a final raid, Wario overcomes the difficulties in the pirate cave and plunders Syrup's riches. He then returns home for the final time, but not without the Giant Spear Man following him closely. The pirate henchman's motivation of doing so is unclear.


“Wario Land 2 is much better than any of my previous games. Why, you ask? Because in this game, I'm immortal! There's no Game Over! With multiple endings, you can play my game MANY times. Isn't that great?! ”
Wario, Wario Land II

File:WL2 S NavMap.PNG

Wario Land II is a 2D platforming game, like its predecessor Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. It is divided into five worlds (called Chapters), which each are divided into five respective levels (called Stories). The chapters are accessed one after another, so when the player completes a level, they will be instantly transported to the next level. However, after completing the game for the first time, the player will receive a Treasure Map which allows them to choose the level they visit at will.

The game is notable for its branching storyline. Throughout the levels, the player can discover many secret exits which lead to five additional Chapters. Five different endings can be unlocked in this way, not counting the real ending that is accessed after completing the unlockable Time Attack level.

Basic AbilitiesEdit

File:WL2 S 2x-5.PNG

Wario's primary abilities remain the same as in the previous game. The player can walk, crouch, and enter doors with the directional pad, jump using the A Button and perform Wario's signature Dash Attack by pressing the B Button. If the directional pad is pressed up while jumping, Wario will jump slightly higher. The Player can use this technique while jumping on an enemy to jump even higher. When standing on a slope, pressing down will cause Wario to perform a rolling attack, that can smash blocks and defeat enemies. Unlike earlier, Wario can now use a Ground Pound to create shockwaves even without using a Bull Pot. This can be used to reverse enemies' movement, as well as to defeat them. When Wario stuns an enemy by jumping on it, he can pick up the motionless foe and carry it around. Wario's speed will decrease while he is carrying a heavy foe (e.g. a Grunt, or a Dangerous Duck). A carried foe can be used to defeat other foes by throwing it on them. The player can now also power up Wario's throw by pressing and holding the B Button. This will increase Wario's throwing distance and also instantly defeats the tossed enemy if it hits an obstacle.

Reaction AbilitiesEdit

One of the most prominent features in Wario Land II is Wario's immunity against death. Being hit by an enemy will only cause him to lose some coins, but it is not life-threatening. In addition, some enemies cause Wario to assume new, sometimes bizzare forms which the player can use to make progress. While some abilities can be used to gain advantages, some are rather a hindrance than useful, which depends on the situation. Most of these Reactions can be cured by having Wario touch a body of water, while some wear off after a certain amount of time has passed.

Bouncy Wario – When getting hit by an Ape's mallet, Wario transforms into a spring-like creature and bounces around, which can be used to reach higher levels. After a while, the effect will wear off.
Bubble Wario – By touching a bubble that emerges from a hole under water, Wario will be trapped in the bubble and float upwards. In this form, Wario can pass currents that would reject him normally. Hitting a ceiling or the surface will end this condition abruptly.
Crazy Wario – A useless condition that is evoked by ball-throwing Penguins in the English version. In this state, Wario will stumble around and controlling him is much harder. When the player presses the B Button, Wario will exhale a cloud of poisonous gas. Touching water will restore his senses. In the Japanese version, this form is known as Drunk Wario and the Penguins throw beer rather than balls, but the behavior is identical.
Fat Wario – When Wario eats one of Cook's cakes, he will turn fat and his jumping skills will decrease massively. While being obese, any enemy that comes in contact with Wario will instantly be defeated. The effect wears off after Wario moved around enough.
Hot Wario – When getting burned by a Flame's torch, Wario will be set on fire and he will run around panicing. After a while, the flames will spread over his whole body, transforming him into a wandering fireball. In this state he can break Fire Blocks. The condition ends when Wario touches water or is burned to ash.
Flat Wario – Being smashed by a Bat's grindstone will cause Wario to get flat. In this state, he cannot attack anymore, but can glide through the air and fit into small holes. To assume his normal form, Wario has to touch water or use a bat without a grindstone.
Ice Skatin' Wario – When get hit by a Snowman's chilling breath, Wario will be covered in ice and slide backwards until he hits a wall. Every enemy in his way will be defeated.
Puffy Wario – Getting stung by a bee will cause Wario's head to swell to enormous proportions. He will float upwards like a balloon until he hits a ceiling. This can be used to reach higher locations.
Tiny Wario – When being cursed by a Wizard's magic, Wario will transform into a dwarf. In this form, he fits through narrow holes and can jump higher. Touching water or suffering a hit from an enemy attack will revert him to his original form.
Zombie Wario – After suffering a bite from an undead, Wario will become a zombie. Zombie Wario cannot jump anymore, but he is impervious and will defeat any enemy upon contact. He can also fall through thin floors and thereby reach locations he cannot enter by normal means. Being exposed to light will change him back to his old form.

Treasures and MinigamesEdit

Like in every installment of the Wario Land series, the player can obtain various optional treasures during Wario's adventure. The kinds of treasure that can be found in the game are composed of different artifacts, seemingly useless junk, strange oddities, and even references to other Nintendo series. To obtain a treasure, a coin-consuming minigame must be completed. There are two different categories of treasures in the game, each having 50 parts, making 100 obtainable objects in total. Once all the treasures are collected, the player will gain access to the games final level Time Attack, as well as to a remake of the Game & Watch minigame Flagman, called Flagman DD.

Hidden TreasureEdit

File:WL2 Treasure.PNG

Hidden treasures are items that are hidden somewhere in the games levels. Each story has one of these, making a total of 50 hidden treasures in the game. The treasure can be obtained by playing a minigame behind the respective treasure door.

Matching GameEdit

File:WL2 S TreasureGame.PNG

Before the Matching Game can be played, the player has to pay a certain amount of coins. The price for one try depends on the difficulty mode that is chosen at the beginning of the game, so the amount of necessary coins vary between 50, 100 and 200 coins. After the preparations are set, a lock will float down from above and attach itself to the treasure chest. The lock shows a picture of an enemy. After that, eight cards will be displayed in the lower half of the screen. The cards will turn around for a short time, showing pictures of various enemies. Then after a moment (the duration of the moment depends on the earlier payment) the cards will turn around again. The player has to choose the card that shows the same enemy as that on the chest's lock to open the chest and receive the treasure. If the player makes a wrong decision, the game is forfeit and it has to be played again (at the full price).

Picture PanelEdit

File:WL2 S PicPanel.PNG

The picture panel is a panel of 50 parts that, when completed, forms a treasure map that reveals the secret entrance to the pirates' treasure cave. One part of the picture panel is hidden at the end of each of the game's levels. The player has to play a minigame to obtain the treasure.

Number-Matching GameEdit

File:WL2 S PanelGame.PNG

The Number-matching Game is a minigame mainly composed of nine cards, arranged in a 3x3 pattern, facing to the ground. When turned around, they form the shape of a digit, which can be either digit from zero to nine. The player has to guess which digit is displayed on the cards to obtain the treasure. By paying 50 coins, they can make one of the nine cards turn around. The respective card will be chosen by random. When the player wishes, they can make a guess. If the guess is right, the chest will open and release the picture panel part. if the guess proves to be false, the minigame is forfeit and the player will have to replay the whole level in order to get a new chance.

After beating the game for the first time, the minigame will slightly change. The cards will now turn around automatically, while Wario's amount of coins is steadily decreasing. This leaves the player with less time to think and makes the minigame more fast-paced.


Regular ChaptersEdit

File:WL2 Treasure Map.png

Chapter 1: One Noisy MorningEdit

  1. Turn Off the Alarm Clock!
  2. Turn Off the Giant Faucet!
  3. Let the Water Out!
  4. Go Down to the Cellar
  5. Defeat the Giant Snake

Chapter 2: SS Tea CupEdit

  1. Return the Hen to Her Nest
  2. Escape from the Woods!
  3. Get in the Tea Cup
  4. Drop the Anchor!!
  5. Defeat Bobo!!

Chapter 3: Maze WoodsEdit

  1. Get to Maze Woods
  2. Defeat the Giant Spear Man
  3. Through the Thorny Maze!!
  4. Escape from Maze Woods
  5. Defeat the Giant Bee!

Chapter 4: In TownEdit

  1. Stop that Train!
  2. Up on the Rooftop!!
  3. Down in the Cellar
  4. Escape from the Factory!
  5. Anyone for B-Ball?

Chapter 5: Syrup CastleEdit

  1. Get to the Castle!!
  2. Storm the Castle!!
  3. Defeat four Ducks!
  4. Find the Hidden Door!!
  5. The Final Battle!!

Additional ChaptersEdit

File:WL2 S 1-1.PNG

Chapter 2': Invade Wario CastleEdit

  1. To the Castle!!
  2. Storm the Castle!!
  3. Defeat the Giant Spear Man
  4. Go Through the Grand Hall
  5. Kick'em Out!

Chapter 2": Go to the Cellar!!Edit

  1. Defeat the Giant Spear Man
  2. Avoid the Rocks!
  3. Stop that Train!
  4. Find the Exit!!
  5. Defeat the Cave Master!!

Chapter 3': Ruins at the Bottom of the SeaEdit

  1. Escape from the Tea Cup!
  2. Defeat the Giant Spear Man
  3. Inside the Ruins!
  4. Escape from the Ruins!
  5. Captured Syrup!

Chapter 5': Uncanny MansionEdit

  1. Defeat the Giant Spear Man
  2. Hold on to the Owl
  3. The Way to the Open Door
  4. Coming Back is Difficult
  5. Capture the Ghost!

Chapter 5": Mysterious Factory!Edit

File:WL2 S 6(3).PNG
  1. Defeat the Giant Spear Man
  2. Into the Factory!
  3. Move Through the Water!
  4. Don't Shock the Owl!
  5. Awaiting Syrup!

Time AttackEdit

  1. Steal the Syrup's Treasure!!


Image Name Description
File:WL2 GiantSnake.png Giant Snake A large green snake that was abandoned in the basement of Wario's Castle. It attacks by biting and can turn Wario into an egg.
File:WL2 Bobo.png Bobo The guard of the SS Tea Cup. He attacks with dive attacks and uses strong wind gusts to blow Wario away.
File:WL2 GiantBee.png Giant Bee A savage bee of abnormal size that can sting Wario and summon smaller bees.
File:WL2 BallBunny.png Dunk An antropomorphic bunny that is proficient in ball games. Wario engages him in a match of basketball. He can turn Wario into a ball and slam dunk him.
File:WL2 CaveMaster.png Cave Master A bulky pig-like creature that attacks by shoving Wario around and tries to kick him out of the battlefield.
File:WL2 BigKamuKamu.png Big Kamukamu A fish that lives in the flooded ruins of an ancient civilisation. It will try to devour Wario.
File:WL2 KingBubble.png Awabō An inflated enemy who captured Captain Syrup. He tries to surround Wario in a bubble and make him float away.
File:WL2 GrabberGhost.png Ghost A phantom, haunting a remote mansion. He attacks by swooping down and tries to grab Wario.
File:WL2 CptSyrup.png Captain Syrup The main antagonist of the game, who stole Wario's treasure. She can be battled many times in different crafts during the game.
File:WL2 MechaKuri.png Mecha Kuri A massive robotic foe. Controlled by Captain Syrup, the robot rampages and tries to catch Wario with his rake.
File:WL2 GiantSpearMan.png Giant Spear Man A persistent mini-boss who recurs in many levels of the game. He is also the boss of Wario Land II's Time Attack mode.


Image Name Description
File:WL2 E CrazyAlarm.PNG Alarm Clock An annoying alarm clock that was deposited at Wario's Castle to delay his progress.
File:WL2 E Ape.PNG Ape Hammer-wielding apes that try to smash Wario. A hit will transform him into Bouncy Wario.
File:WL2 E Bee.PNG Bee An agressive bee which stings Wario, causing his head to swell to a ridiculous size.
File:WL2 E BlueBird2.PNG Blue Bird A small blue bird that attacks as soon as it spots Wario.
File:WL2 E Rat.PNG Chūta A rodent that emerges from mouseholes and attacks by bumping into Wario.
File:WL2 E Cook.PNG Cook A mole-like creature that wears an apron and throws cakes. Its cakes make Wario fat.
File:WL2 E Bat.PNG D-Bat Flying creatures, some of which carry heavy grindstones which they drop at Wario to flatten him, while the other D-Bats try to grab Wario and can cure the flat status.
File:WL2 E DD.PNG DD A member of the Black Sugar Gang. It wields a boomerang in battle.
File:WL2 E Eel.PNG Eel An aquatic creature that grabs Wario and pulls him down into the currents.
File:WL2 E Flame.PNG Flame A fox that is armed with a burning torch that can light up Wario.
File:WL2 E FlyingFish.PNG Flying Fish A brown fish that jumps out of the water like a Cheep Cheep.
File:WL2 E Windowpain.PNG Gaugau Members of the Black Sugar Gang which throw bottles at Wario.
File:WL2 E Ghost.PNG Ghost A ghost that lives in dark places and turns Wario into a zombie upon contact.
File:WL2 E Grunt.PNG Grunt An ape-like creature that carries large iron balls with spikes. It will throw them at Wario once he gets near.
File:WL2 E ToothBlob.PNG Gugi A molusk-like creature with a tendency to sleep a lot. It attacks in a frenzy when waken up.
File:WL2 E Bugzapper.PNG Inamazu A walking fish that produces electricity in its antennas. It will shoot lightning at Wario.
File:WL2 E Pelican.PNG Pecan A pelican who joined the Black Sugar Gang. It spits spiky fishes at Wario.
File:WL2 E Penguin.PNG Penguin (English version) Ball-tossing foes that have the power to make Wario dizzy.
File:WL2 E Penguin2.PNG Penguin (Japanese version) They throw beer rather than balls and make Wario drunk, but it is only a visual difference.
File:WL2 E PirateGoom.PNG Pirate Goom A common type of enemy that wields a trident as a weapon.
File:WL2 E Punch.PNG Punch A foe that is armed with boxing gloves. It will try to punch Wario off platforms.
File:WL2 E Rooster.PNG Rooster A chicken that lives in Wario's chicken pen. It attacks only when it is touched.
File:WL2 E Swordfish.PNG Sawfish Aquatic creatures that have spikes attached to their noses. They dash at Wario when they see him.
File:WL2 E Skullcopter.PNG Skullcopter A helicopter-like object with an imprinted skull. They float in the air and block Wario's path.
File:WL2 E Spikeshell.PNG Togemen A spiked creature that jumps around. Its belly is its weak spot.
File:WL2 E FishingFish.PNG Tsuriuo A fish with a fishing rod that uses a fake coin as a decoy to trick Wario.
File:WL2 E WhitePuff.PNG White Puff A strange, blob-like creature that will inflate upon contact, blocking the way.
File:WL2 E WizardGoom.PNG Wizard Two Pirate Gooms wearing a wizard's robe. They can shrink Wario, using a magical rod.
File:WL2 E Freezy.PNG Yukimaru A living snowman that will try to freeze Wario with its icy breath.
File:WL2 E Zombie.PNG Zombie An undead creature which can turn Wario into a zombie with one bite.

Gameplay ElementsEdit


Image Name Description
File:WL2 O Coin.png Coin These are Wario's favorite. They are used to pay the minigames that must be won to obtain a treasure. The player should collect as many as possible.
File:WL2 O WarioCoin.png Wario Coin A golden coin with Wario's face on it. It is worth 10 regular coins.
File:WL2 O SilverCoin.png 100 Gold Coin A rare flashing coin that randomly appears when defeating an enemy or breaking a block. It is worth 100 regular coins.
File:WL2 O BreakableBlock.png Breakable Block These come in various forms and sizes, depending on the level. Wario can break them with any attack.
File:WL2 O EnemyBlock.png Enemy Block These blocks can only be broken by throwing an enemy at them. They are sometimes disguised as normal walls.
File:WL2 O FireBlock.png Bonfire Block Only Hot Wario can break these while in his flame state.
File:WL2 O CrackedBlock.png Weight Block A block with cracks in it. Only Fat Wario's massive weight can break them.
File:WL2 O Switch.png Switch Block Switches that trigger various events. The effects range from switching lights on to moving blocks.
File:WL2 O GlassBlock.png Glass Block A special kind of block that appears in Level 5-3. It can be picked up and thrown like an enemy, but will break when touching the ground.
File:WL2 O Stove.png Stove Stoves like that can be found in many different areas. They can be moved by ramming and used as stepping stones to reach higher locations.


Image Name Description
File:WL2 O Elevator.png Elevator A platform that connects two floors. It will move in the direction the arrow is facing. If the arrow is pointing down it can only be activated by Fat Wario.
File:WL2 O ConveyorBelt.png Conveyor Belt It moves in a certain direction and will affect Wario's movements. When crouching it is impossible to move against it's direction.
File:WL2 O Blade.png Blade A sharp Blade that launches itself in the air in a set rhythm. Only the tip is dangerous, so Wario can slip underneath it while it is risen.
File:WL2 O Thorn.png Thorn Floating obstacles with thorns. They are usually found in levels featuring the owl. They change their appearance depending on the area. Sometimes they are electric.
File:WL2 O Spikes.png Spikes Spikes that are usually found embedded in the ground. Wario will lose coins when touching them.


Image Name Description
File:WL2 HenSprite.png Hen Hen is Wario's beloved pet chicken. She plays an integral role in stage 2-1.
File:WL2 O Seagull.png Seagull A harmless bird that appears in some levels. Wario can use them as platforms to reach remote locations. Touching them will cause them to fly away.
File:WL2 O Owl.png Owl A sleepy owl that appears in some levels. When awakened, it can carry Wario around.
File:WL2 O Turtle.png Turtle A sea turtle that can be found near water. It helps Wario by carrying him over strong currents.


Box ArtEdit

Character ArtworkEdit


Other CharactersEdit


Reference to Other GamesEdit

Critical ReceptionEdit

Wario Land II generally received good to excellent ratings, and many reviewers agree that it marked a milestone in the genre of 2D Platformers. praised the game's innovative gameplay, its replayability, and its continuous gameplay, and even though it critizised Wario's incapability of running out of lives, the game received a rating of 9.0.[1] GameSpot mentioned its branching storyline, especially highlighted the updated graphics of the Game Boy Color version, and rewarded the game with a 8.9.[2] Gaming Target critizises the fact that Wario Land II provides the player only with one save slot and some other save-related issues, but also calls it an "essential game for every GBC owner". Gaming Target reviewed the game with a 9.0.[3] rated the game 9.0 and called it "A unique and addictive platformer that no gamer should be without".[4] Overall, Wario Land II received 86.94% on[5]

Beta ElementsEdit

Main article: Wario Land II/Beta elements


  • The game manual states that Wario is unable to jump while being in his flat form, this is not true however.
  • This is the first game which depicted Wario wearing a short-sleeved shirt.
  • The Japanese release of Wario Land II came with two black decals shaped like Wario's mustache.[6]

External LinksEdit


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