“The vast mines of Donkey Kong Country have been stripped of any ore they may have once contained. All the tools of the miners remain, however, from mine carts to rickety scaffolding. There are special barrels that turn the lights on and off, and risky mine elevators full of slag. Without a hard hat, mine exploration is not recommended, but Klump is not about to give up his!”
Donkey Kong Country Manual, Page 23

Platformer World
Monkey Mines
Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Levels 5
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Monkey Mines (simply known as Mines in the animated series) is the second area adventured through in the game Donkey Kong Country. The only animal buddy used in this area is Winky the Frog. The boss of the area is Master Necky. This area was also the first appearance of the Kremling, Krash, as well as the first place with mine-kart stages. There was a temple at the end of the stage which is currently believed to be built by the Kremlings, but no true evidence.

In the cartoon, this area is closely connected to King K. Rool and his minions' base.

Levels Edit

Winky's Walkway Edit

Main article: Winky's Walkway

The first level of Monkey Mines is also the first level to feature Winky the Frog. The high-jumping amphibian can only be reached by jumping off of a Necky. This level is also the shortest in the game, being about half the length of a normal level. Enemies here include Neckies, Gnawties, and Klaptraps.

Mine Cart Carnage Edit

Main article: Mine Cart Carnage

Mine Cart Carnage is the second level of the dark mines and also the first minecart level. A secret shortcut can be found at the beginning of the stage that allows the player to entirely skip the level. Common enemies include Krashes.

Names in Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
SpanishMinas MonoLiteral translation
GermanAffen-MinenLiteral translation
PortugueseMinas MacacoMonkey Mines