“The snowcapped peaks of Donkey Kong Country are rarely climbed due to the hazardous conditions found at such high elevations. The ground is like solid ice and does not offer a firm foothold for the explorer. Blinding blizzards often strike without warning. The resulting lack of visibility can make the already challenging obstacles in this area next to impossible!”
Donkey Kong Country Manual, Page 21

Platformer World
Gorilla Glacier
Appearance Donkey Kong Country
Levels 6
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The Gorilla Glacier (White Mountains in the animated series) is a large frozen wasteland found at the peak of Donkey Kong Island. In the glacier are many ice caves and deep ravine. There is also a treetop village similar to the one found in Vine Valley. It is also the first place the Kongs meet the Animal Buddy Squawks.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

In the animated series, is renamed by White Mountains, this area was the home of Eddie the Mean Old Yeti.


Names in Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Meaning
SpanishGlaciar GorilaLiteral translation