Game Boy Color
File:Game boy color.PNG
Released Flag of Japan October 21, 1998
Flag of USA November 1998
Flag of Australia 1999
Flag of Europe 1999
Discontinued 2002
Bit 8
Predecessor Game Boy
Successor Game Boy Advance

The Game Boy Color is the successor to the Game Boy and the Game Boy Pocket. It was similar to its predecessors, the most notable differences was that it was lighter and capable of displaying multiple colors.

Some games displayed more colors if played on a Game Boy Color. Other games were made exclusively for the Game Boy Color. The older versions couldn't play these, but the Game Boy Advance could. They were discontinued in 2002.

Hardware Specifications Edit

CPU: Z80
CPU Speed: 8 Mhz
RAM: 16 Kbyte
Maximum Resolution: 160 x 144 pixels
Colors: 32,000
Maximum number of colors: 56
Maximum sprite size: 8 x 16
Maximum number of sprites: 40 sprites
Minimum/Maximum cart size: 256Kbit - 16Mbit
Sound: 4 channel

Game GalleryEdit