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Released Flag of Japan March 21, 2001
Flag of USA June 11, 2001
Flag of Australia June 22, 2001
Flag of Europe June 22, 2001
Discontinued 2008
Bit 32
Predecessor Game Boy Color
Successor Nintendo DS

“Who are you?”
Advertisement slogan for the Game Boy Advance SP

The Game Boy Advance is a handheld game system created by Nintendo. It was the fourth system in the Game Boy series. It has backwards compatibility, to the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. The Game Boy Advance (all versions) have sold 81.50 million units worldwide according to Nintendo.

Game Boy Advance SP Edit

File:Game Boy Advance SP.jpg

The Game Boy Advance SP was an upgraded version of the original GBA. It featured a new design, with a clamshell style and front-lit screen. It also came with a rechargeable battery, rather than requiring AA's. The only major drawback was the absence of a headphone jack. The "SP" stands for "Special". Later Nintendo also released a back-lit version. The two colors were Pearl Blue and Pearl Pink. The Game Boy Advance SP sold 43.55 million units worldwide.

Game Boy Micro Edit


The Game Boy Micro is the third design of the GBA. At a size of only four inches wide, two inches tall, less than an inch deep, and a weight of 2.8 ounces, it is smaller than any other system in the Game Boy line. It's screen is slightly smaller than that of the GBA and SP, but it maintains the same resolution. It is not backwards compatible. It comes with an adjustable backlight for playing in the dark. A 20th aniversary edition was released to honor the aniversary of the NES. The GBA Micro sold 2.42 million units worldwide.

Game Boy Player Edit

File:GB Player.jpg

The Game Boy Player was not an actual system. Instead, it was an add-on accessory for the Nintendo GameCube which allowed players to play Game Boy Advance games on their televisions, much like the Super Game Boy. A few games had a rumble feature which took effect only when they were played with a standard GameCube controller. Later one though, Nintendo added a smaller version of one to the front of the Nintendo DS.


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