Donkey Kong Land III
Developer(s) Rareware
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy, Game Boy Color
Release date Game Boy
Flag of USA October 1997
UK October 30, 1997

Game Boy Color
Flag of Japan January 28, 2000
Genre Platformer
Rating(s) ESRB: ESRB K-A Kids to Adults
Mode(s) 1 player
Media 4-megabit cartridge

Donkey Kong Land III (or Donkey Kong Land 3) is a video game for the Game Boy released by Nintendo in 1997. Loosely based on the Super Nintendo game, Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, it is the third and final entry in the Donkey Kong Land series series. Like previous games in the series, it features enhancements for the Super Game Boy and is housed in a yellow cartridge. The original game was never released in Japan, however, it was eventually released in Japan on January 28, 2000 as a Game Boy Color game, known as Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong & Dixie Kong.


The game's story takes place after the events of Donkey Kong Country 3, where it is said that the laid-back place, Donkey Kong Country, has had a hive of activity in the recent days. During the story, announcements of a contest to find the fabled Lost World, which was said to have dominated legends for centuries, attracted "would-be" explorers all over the world to seize the long awaited chance of fame and fortune. Of these explorers were Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, who had left Dixie Kong holding the toddler, Kiddy. Wanting to become part of the competition herself, she and Kiddy decided to show the other competitors that they were just as good as they are. The story's description ends with Kiddy, not knowing much about what was going on, following Dixie into the jungle.



The game features over thirty levels, each with a similar theme to the levels in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble. Each level also contains two Bonus Levels, which must all be completed to unlock Time Attack mode.

Levels and Bonus Areas
Cape Codswallop
# Level Bonus Areas Type of Level
1 Red Wharf 2 Stilt
2 Seabed Shanty 2 Coral
3 Ford Knocks 2 Stilt
4 Total Rekoil 2 Mill
5 Koco Channel 2 River
6 Liftshaft Lottery 2 Mill
7 BOSS LEVEL: Barbos Bastion 0 Coral
Primate Plains
# Level Bonus Areas Type of Level
8 Coral Quarrel 2 Coral
9 Minky Mischief 2 Tree
10 Jetty Jitters 2 Stilt
11 Black Ice Blitz 2 Snow
12 Riverbank Riot 2 River
13 Miller Instinct 2 Mill
14 BOSS LEVEL: Bleak Magic 0 Snow
Blackforest Plateau
# Level Bonus Areas Type of Level
15 Rocketeer Rally 2 Falls
16 Vertigo Verge 2 Cliff
17 Polar Pitfalls 2 Snow
18 Surface Tension 2 River
19 Tundra Blunda 2 Snow
20 Redwood Rampage 2 Tree
21 BOSS LEVEL: Arich Attack 0 Tree
Great Ape Lakes
# Level Bonus Areas Type of Level
22 Jungle Jeopardy 2 Jungle
23 Footloose Falls 2 Falls
24 Deep Reef Grief 2 Coral
25 Karbine Kaos 2 Machine
26 Simian Shimmy 2 Tree
27 Rockface Chase 2 Cliff
28 BOSS LEVEL: Krazy KAOS 0 Machine
Tin Can Valley
# Level Bonus Areas Type of Level
29 Tropical Tightropes 2 Jungle
30 Clifftop Critters 2 Cliff
31 Rickety Rapids 2 Falls
32 Bazuka Bombard 2 Machine
33 Ugly Ducting 2 Tube
34 Stalagmite Frights 2 Cave
35 K. Rool Duel 0 Tube
The Lost World
# Level Bonus Areas Type of Level
36 Whiplash Dash 2 Tube
37 Kuchuka Karnage 2 Machine
38 Haunted Hollows 2 Cave
39 Rainforest Rumble 2 Jungle
40 Barrel Boulevard 2 Machine
41 Ghoulish Grotto 2 Cave
42 BOSS LEVEL: K.Rool's Last Stand 0 Cave

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Version DifferencesEdit

A Japanese Game Boy Color version of the game was released in 2000 as "Donkey Kong GB: Dinky Kong and Dixie Kong" (Dinky Kong being Kiddy Kong's name in Japan). The game was not released outside of Japan. Among the notable features and changes:

  • The game is now exclusively for the Game Boy Color, and no longer compatible with the Game Boy or Super Game Boy. It was housed in a transparent Game Boy Color cartridge.
  • The game is in full color.
  • The game is in Japanese instead of English.
  • The splash screen and title screen are slightly redesigned.
  • The world maps are no longer animated. Water is now stagnant, Wrinkly Refuge and Sheepy Shop no longer have lights flashing inside, mills don't turn anymore, and smoke stays still.
  • When there is text on screen, the it shows up on the screen for one character at a time, like a typewriter, as opposed to the entire text showing up instantly.
  • In the Time Attack screen, the player's most recent time is no longer displayed.
  • Bear has only one frame of animation now.
  • There is less slowdown during gameplay. This eliminates unfair deaths where the screen would lag with many sprites on the screen.


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  • Initially, Donkey Kong Land III had a subtitle called "The Race Against Time", which was later removed.
  • Donkey Kong Land III is the only Rare Donkey Kong game in which Donkey Kong does not appear.
  • The game's soundtrack consists of 8-bit re-orchestrations of the music from Donkey Kong Country 3. However, the tracks "Frosty Frolics" and "Pokey Pipes" do not appear; the snow and pipe levels use "Cascade Capers" and "Cavern Caprice" instead, respectively. In addition, "Rocket Run" is programmed into the game; however, it is unused and can only be accessed by ROM hacking [1].
  • Several elements from Donkey Kong Land III were later used for the Game Boy Advance port of Donkey Kong Country 3, such as the DK coin automatically being collected when defeating Koin.
  • In Wrinkly Kong's speech, "Kremlings" is misspelled as "Kremlins".